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My philosophy

See life as a privilege and contribute. Leave those around you feeling touched, moved and inspired out of who you are as an Equestrian and Human Being.

-Jessica Atterton

My name is Jessica Atterton, I own and operate Atterton Performance Horses and Riding Academy. 

Guided by my intuition and fueled from the fire within, I have dedicated my life to refining my skills as a coach and trainer for my students and horses.  I have been riding for over 25 years dedicating 15 years to ride with some of the most respected names in the horse industry. 

I have been fortunate to able to ride and train an elite group of talented horses over the years.  I became a Professional in 1999, I have spent the last 10 years intensely focused on coaching and training National/World level horses and riders.  Past students have brought home over 80 Youth World and Reserve Championships, as well as numerous Youth high point awards.  A few of my previous students were also honored with acceptance onto NCAA Division 1 Collegiate Equestrian teams.  

These accomplishments are a testament to my life’s work.  I have witnessed that hard work and perseverance can bring about the reality of dreams.  I am here to take on the challenge of what it means to be an exceptional horseman and what it takes to be a world-class equestrian.

The Riding Academy at The Union Hill Ranch is a superior horsemanship lesson program, mindfully designed to generate leadership and a strong sense of self through horsemanship.  Cultivating a strong community where everyone feels included.


It is of the utmost importance that every student of mine experience feeling fulfilled and empowered.

My students would tell you that I am bold and passionate, and my coaching style is a skillful mix of inspiration, enthusiasm and accountability.  I am committed to creating an atmosphere where my students feel safe and enriched.  This is my life’s work and passion, and I am honored to share it with my students.

Riding horses offers us the opportunity to work-hard, dig deep and expand ourselves beyond our comfort zone. No matter what level you ride, working with horses requires, education, being present, focused and disciplined. You will have break downs and break throughs, you will discover and experience what you are truly capable of.  Inner strength is gained through integrity and perseverance and its an incredibly enriching adventure! 

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